World’s lowest VW camper

Mechanic Andy Saunders converted this VW Camper into a real lowrider. It now measures a measly 39 inches. It started life as a 1980 Type 25 and Andy reckons it can still do 80MPH, although I’m not sure I’d like to be in it when he does.

Low rider vw

There are 2 seats behind the driver who sits in a central position to drive it.

Andy bought the van for a measly £1000 and took just 3 days to finish the project. He did this with friends in front of a surprised audience at Bug Jam, a festival which takes place in Northamptonshire UK.Low rider vw

Amazingly, it is OK for UK roads having passed all the required tests. You can even pop a mattress in the back and sleep in it. Good for vampire vanners then…..

Congrats Andy from us here at, it goes to show how a project can be done if you put your mind to it.

Pics courtesy of BNPS

1 thought on “World’s lowest VW camper

  1. Very cool. It would probably get under car park barriers too!

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