Camper and motorhome seats

campervan seats for sale onlineWell we all have to have somewhere to sit. However, I’ve found that over the years I have done countless projects which required ripping out and modifying seating. Often the best place to start is with a decent quality secondhand unit. Prices are particularly good secondhand, but bear in mind that most units will be collection only so factor this in when buying.

Swivel seats (also known as Captain’s seats) are very desirable if you want to create a day van, mobile office or just add a touch of luxury. Swivel bases can be purchased separately so a standard seat can be modified if you find what you are after. Swivel seats for van conversion projects are quite sought after so if you see a set for sale, don’t waste time in getting to the seller to offer them money, there’s usually an eager buyer around the corner.

With jump seats, buddy seats, folding seats, swivel chairs, recliners, stools and good old fashioned cushions, the list is endless but the choice is there. Contact us if you have any seating projects, finished or otherwise, you’d like to share.