VW type 2 T2

In 1968 we saw the first T2 camper. This broke from the earlier van by having a single windscreen, not a “Splittie” as before.

This one piece window led to the term “Bay window” being coined. Wish I had a pound for each person I’ve explained that to…..
A funnier although less endearing term is “Breadloaf” because the whole van resembles one of Kingsmill’s finest.

Nicer nicknames include Bulli (German for “Ox”) and Kombi. For this article I researched what Rugbrod meant as this is used by Danish owners. The answer? Well it’s Danish for a loaf of bread……

This model improved on load carrying, driveability and power with their 1.6 litre 48HP motor. Transmission and suspension is greatly improved over the older T1 with a half shaft axle instead of the previous swing axle giving better handling all round.

We saw the T2b in 1971 and this model’s production run carried on in Germany before finally moving to Brazil in 1996. I believe that there was also production of this van in Mexico for a few years before 1996.
Better brakes, stronger wheels, bigger bumpers, brighter lights and auto boxes were introduced on this model and a much more modern and powerful 2 litre lump was available in 1976.

The T2c came out in 1991 with a higher roofline and an optional front mounted 1.4 litre engine from the VW Golf. (Aaaarghh! Water cooled!!). They did keep the air cooled option though.

CamperAuctions verdict:

If you are considering a T2 then it may well be a sound choice. The T1 is lovely and more collectable but you can live with a T2. We’d say go with the aircooled T2 for authenticity and that classic engine note. The safety and comfort advantages it brings will make it a usable classic as opposed to a shrink-wrapped investment.  The T2’s legendary durability means you’ll have years of fun with it.

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