Pack of 4 Guy Lines


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A pack of 4 guy lines, your essential companion for securing tents, tarps, and awnings during your outdoor adventures. Each guy line in this pack is made from high-quality, weather-resistant material, ensuring reliable performance in a variety of outdoor conditions. Whether you’re camping in windy conditions, setting up a canopy at a beach outing, or securing a tarp during a backyard gathering. With a length of 4m, these guy lines provide ample reach for securing your shelter to nearby anchor points, such as trees, rocks, or stakes. Their lightweight and compact design make them easy to carry and store in your camping gear or backpack, ensuring you always have the right equipment for the job on hand. Each guy line is threaded with glow in the dark plastic to ensure that during the night you can avoid any trips or falls. You will receive a pack of 4 guy lines. Key features of the Pack of 4 Guy Lines: Threaded with a glow in the dark plastic Lightweight Pack of 4 guy lines Dimensions/Specifications: Length – 4m Diameter – 4mm Made from/with: Polyester + UV