Crusader CoverPro 4-Ply Caravan Cover (23ft – 25ft)


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4 Layer waterproof and breathable storage cover with Premium features available in a range of sizes to fit Caravans with 12 ft to 25ft body length. Protect your caravan while in storage and over winter to guard against damp, dirt and stains and prevent degradation of panels and seals. The Crusader CoverPro does everything a standard storage cover will with the added benefit of high level hooded vents to ensure good airflow even when it’s wet. Elasticated front straps ensure a more snug fit, and reflective corner blazes front and rear make your caravan stand out even in low light, so it’s less likely to suffer knocks and bumps from other vehicles being moved around it. 4 Layer construction means the CoverPro is waterproof and breathable and the soft inner layer is non abrasive so it won’t protects you pride and joy and won’t leave a mark. Once the cover’s in place full height corner zips offer easy access on all 4 corners if you need to check anything in the van or get access to change the damp crystals. Strong, adjustable straps under the caravan make for easy fitting and adjustment. The Crusader CoverPro will protect from stains, damp, dust, snow, rain, corrosive birdlime, heat, airborne pollutants and sunlight to ensure your van comes out of storage as pristine as when it went in. The CoverPro also comes with a 4-Ply Hitch Cover included to protect the hitch and stabiliser assembly from the elements as well as a durable FREE storage bag in with the price   Crusader CoverPro fits caravans up to 2.2m (7′ 7″) wide and body height (not including wheels) up to 2.31m (7′ 2″) high.