Folding camping tables

A cheap folding camping table is a great option for people who like to eat at a table when away camping or even like to have a better class of picnic.  Plastic topped tables with metal legs used to be flimsy and dangerous but now the latest generation of branded camping tables seem much more robust.

Aluminium tables are more heat resistant (to hot pots and pans) and tend to wear better overall although many plastic tables use very good, resistant materials now.  If you go for integrated chairs you can generally save some weight over carrying separate chairs.

Camperauctions top tip

Plastic tops with riveted aluminium tubes only work if the rivets are well designed, so go for one that’s a little more robust.  Alumium tables make sense as they are lightweight, rust-resistant and sturdy.

Get a folding camping table today and save your belly from the cramps of eating in a camp chair!