Butane cylinders

Let’s look at the differences first as many people are confused between Butane and Propane


Butane is mainly used for mobile heaters and leisure applications and can commonly be found in blue gas cylinders


Propane is mostly used for domestic heating, cooking and industrial/commercial use.  It is stored in bulk tanks above or below ground. You can find it in leisure applications, when it is found in red cylinders or green “Patio Gas®” cylinders.

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Propane and butane gas hose for regulators

A heavy duty gas hose is essential for use with propane and butane bottles. Attach with jubilee clips to the regulators and stoves then check thoroughly for leaks before use.

New pipes are better at sealing as older pipes tend to perish or go brittle. This obviously can be a hazard when used in confined spaces.

CamperAuctions top tip

Connect the bottle to the appliance, eg a camping stove, and turn on the gas.  Light the gas ring. Apply some water with a bit of washing up liquid in it to the joints around the jubilee clips.  If you see bubbles appear then you need to make a better seal.  The pipe can generally be cut back with a sharp knife if it is has excessive stretching.

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Butane/Propane gas bottle level indicator

Lovely idea this. Simply attach to the side of the bottle (it’s magnetic!) and let it track the contents and warn you when the bottle is nearing empty. We like this as it often happens that we run out on a site with very expensive cylinders or, worse still, none at all. They are surprisingly accurate too.

Buy one now and keep it on your ‘live’ bottle, swapping it over when you change for a full one.

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Folding camping tables

A cheap folding camping table is a great option for people who like to eat at a table when away camping or even like to have a better class of picnic.  Plastic topped tables with metal legs used to be flimsy and dangerous but now the latest generation of branded camping tables seem much more robust.

Aluminium tables are more heat resistant (to hot pots and pans) and tend to wear better overall although many plastic tables use very good, resistant materials now.  If you go for integrated chairs you can generally save some weight over carrying separate chairs.

Camperauctions top tip

Plastic tops with riveted aluminium tubes only work if the rivets are well designed, so go for one that’s a little more robust.  Alumium tables make sense as they are lightweight, rust-resistant and sturdy.

Get a folding camping table today and save your belly from the cramps of eating in a camp chair!

Regulators for gas bottles (Calor, Propane, Butane)

Propane and Butane gas regulators

One of the most neglected but most important parts of the gas setup, the regulator is a cheap and cheerful device which provides smooth and stable gas flow.

Worth keeping as a spare for when you are stuck in the middle of a field (and hungry!) these items are surprisingly cheap but easy to fit, usually just requiring a flat bladed screwdriver to tighten the jubilee clips.

CamperAuctions top tip:
Don’t forget to buy hoses and jubilee clips or a ‘bundled’ offer unless your current hoses are not too old or perished. Check the condition of regulators and hoses often as they can suffer damage, particularly at the ends under the jubilee clips. Cutting off an inch may help if it is just a little split at the ends, but make sure you have enough hose to reach your appliance comfortably and that the regulator hose is not perished or damaged.

Camping stoves

Camping stoves are the most important part of any kitchen setup. There’s nothing more frustrating than having a slow cooker or one that cooks unevenly, so it’s worth spending a bit of time choosing the right one.
Look out for stoves with “radian burners” under the cook top for toasting/grilling. These tend to offer a bit more flexibility. Also important is easy storage with fold down legs or a separate table-top / cooker table.

Child safety knobs should be a safety consideration and approved gas hose is definitely a must. Check if Butane/Propane or Calor cylinders are included if buying secondhand, this could save you money.

Don’t forget to measure the area you are storing the unit in before committing to a purchase!

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Tent and awning pegs

Something as simple as a tent peg can prove to be the ‘make or break’ aspect of an awning or tent erection.
Go for something sturdy, ideally with several fillets in the metal to add strength or steel rock pegs. Don’t forget to add a tent peg puller / rock peg puller as these make unpacking a breeze!

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  • Gas bottle level indicators
  • Aluminium camping stoves
  • Cheap folding camping tables
  • Gas regulator spanners for butane and propane bottles
  • Butane cylinders for sale

Camper, caravan and motorhome awnings

Camper, caravan and motorhome awnings

Adding an incredible amount of space, camper, caravan and motorhome awnings are the quick and easy way to change the comfortability of your camping.

Secondhand, they offer great value and can usually be picked up in ‘as new’ condition.  They are surprisingly adaptable and I’ve seen many makes fit other manufacturer’s vehicles, although you should check this first.

Top CamperAuctions Tip:

Don’t forget to check all awning zips and make sure to ask for the relevant tent pegs and guy ropes as these all add to the overall cost if not included

Leisure batteries

With the extra load put on your system by running additional 12 volt equipment, a good quality leisure battery is a must. Fridges, additional lights, even radios all add to that power drain. Opting for a battery which has as many ‘Amp hours’ (AH) as possible within your budget is a sensible choice. Our suggestion is not to drop below 95AH which will give you longer life between charges. Don’t forget to buy any clamps you may require (quick release are always useful). Popular brands include Lucas, Exel, Hi-power, Varta, Elecsol, Platinum, Halfords, Tayna, Numax and Trojan.

Look for ‘deep cycle’ on the battery as this is designed to provide a consistent voltage as the battery discharges.