VW T5 campervan

If you talk in terms of a robust, commercial vehicle, the Volkswagen T5 has it all. With its arrival in 2004, the European market was simply dominated by this van and it won awards all over including International Van of the Year. I have owned 3 and found them to be ultra-reliable and very car-like from drive to interior. The Caravelle (Multivan) is a 7 seater with clever adjustable seating positions. There are panel van (no side windows) and Highroof options where you can choose from a huge 3 roof heights! There are double cab and wider load flat bed truck options too.

The T5 is known as a Kombi or Shuttle in Europe so expect to see imports with this name. Campers include ‘Kombi’, ‘Beach’ and ‘California’ branding.

CamperAuctions verdict:
Buy one of these robust vehicles and benefit from low maintenance and a car-like driving experience. Great resale values and good supply of spares

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