Vehicle Anti Slip Grip Mats


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The OLPRO Vehicle Anti-Slip Grip Mats ensure traction and stability when parking or maneuvering your vehicle on various surfaces. These innovative mats provide a secure grip for your vehicle’s wheels, prevening slippage and enhancing safety in any environment. Crafted from high-quality, weather-resistant materials, these mats are built to withstand tough condidtions including rain, mud, sand, snow, and ice. These mats offer maximum traction for your vehicle’s wheels, minimising the risk of skidding, sliding or getting your vehicle stuck in adverse conditions. OLPRO’s Vehicle Anti Slip Grip Mats are lightweight and portable as well as easy to clean. They’re great to pop in the boot of your car or a storage compartment, out of the way when not in use but easily accessible when needed. Simply place them in front or behind your vehicle’s wheels and drive onto them until your vehicle is securely positioned. This is a set of 2 Vehicle Anti Slip Grip Mats. Key features of the Vehicle Anti Slip Grip Mats: Set of 2 Vehicle Anti Slip Grip Mats Anti-slip material Grips to keep your vehicle in place Lightweight & easy to store Easy to clean Bright yellow for visibility when reversing and for in the dark Dimensions/Specifications: Size – 740 x 225mm Made from/With: Polypropylene