Swamp Cooler™ Neck Gaiter


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The Swamp Cooler Neck Gaiter is a reversible, everyday cooling neck gaiter for dogs that’s designed to take the edge off when exploring in hot and dry weather conditions. It’s a easy way to bring a bit of refreshment on the go. Just give it a soak to tap into our Swamp Cooler™ Tech that uses evaporative cooling to help cool your pup. When dry, re-soak to recharge it. Use standalone for an everyday cooling piece, or kit with other Swamp Cooler™ gear to extend and enhance the cooling effect for your pup. Neck gaiter cooling accessory you can soak in water Lightweight stretch spandex material rated to UPF 50+ Absorbent Swamp Cooler™ core layer stores water for cooling through evaporation Reversible