Rear Single Seat Storage Organiser – Grey


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Keeping a campervan organised means making use of every square inch. This system maximizes your seat’s storage capacity by adding 5 closed pockets (2 small, 1 medium, 1 large) ensuring there is plenty of room for you to keep a variety of items secure during transit & tidy once pitched (up to 5kg). The innovative mounting system ensures optimal security with a sub-5-minute install time. Simply slide your headrest through the two top eyelets & tension the straps to tightly secure it to the back of your chair. Why our Seatback Organiser is a game-changer for every campervan enthusiast: ✅ Effortless Organisation: Keep your campervan tidy and your essentials within arm’s reach. Our organiser boasts multiple pockets and compartments, making storing maps, gadgets, snacks, and more easy. ✅ Space Optimisation: Make the most of your campervan’s limited space. Our organiser is designed to fit snugly on the seatbacks, so you can declutter without sacrificing legroom or comfort. ✅ Adventure-Ready: Crafted from rugged, high-quality materials, our Seatback Organizer is built to withstand your wildest adventures. It’s tough enough to handle off-road journeys and keeps your gear secure. ✅ Quick and Easy Installation: No need for tools or complicated setup. Simply attach the organizer to the seatback via headrest post holes & sturdy tension straps. ✅ Versatile Design: Designed with campervan enthusiasts in mind, our organiser is perfect for storing travel guides, water bottles, tablets, and more. It’s the ideal companion for those who crave both comfort and convenience on the road. ✅ Stylish and Functional: Our Seatback Organiser keeps your essentials in order and adds a touch of style to your campervan’s interior. It complements any interior conversion thanks to its clean but outspoken design. ✅ Adventure with Peace of Mind: Secure your gear during your journeys. Say goodbye to items rolling around and causing distractions while driving. Safety is paramount, even on the road less travelled. Imagine a clutter-free campervan interior with everything in its place, less searching more adventuring! So, whether you’re a weekend awayer, full-time nomad, or die hard vanlifer, our Seatback Organiser is a must-have travel companion. Please note: whilst this product was designed to fit a stock T5 it may also fit other vehicles/seats. Please refer to the images for dimensions and measure your vehicles first.