PRE ORDER Inflatable Orange Windbreak


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With its unique and easy-to-pitch design, the OLPRO Inflatable Orange Windbreak is designed specifically for those who value convenience and privacy. The Inflatable Orange Windbreak is engineered with durable, inflatable beams that create a sturdy barrier against gusts of wind. It features a hassle-free inflation system, allowing you to set up your windbreak in minutes. With just a few pumps, watch your windbreak effortlessly rise, creating a protective shield around your outdoor space. The Inflatable Orange Windbreak consists of coloured opaque panels and clear vision panels that allow you to enjoy scenic views whilst staying sheltered from the elements. The windbreak comes with ‘wings’ for additional support and guy ropes to produce a durable structure. Features of the Inflatable Orange Windbreak are: 4 Inflatable beams 3 large panels Bright guy lines Storage carry bag Manual Pump Included