OLPRO Led Warm White Mr11 3W Led Bulb


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Description Standard MR11 LED Bulb with 3x1W LED’s and a 45 Degree Beam Angle.  Uses a CREE Chipset for higher efficiency and brightness.  An Aluminium housing allows for more efficient heat dissipation.  A very stylish, energy efficient alternative to current halogen bulbs. . Make a Design Statement with these Ultra Modern, Stylish LED Lamps and save up to 90% on your electricity usage as well!. Our MR11’s come with a 2 year warranty. If you hate changing bulbs this is the option for you as they will last up to 50 times longer than a conventional bulb. . These bulbs are used in a lot of caravans and motorhomes. The LED version of this lamp consumes only 3 watts of power (compared with up to 35 watts for the halogen version) and gives out as much or more light whilst remaining cool enough to be able to handle without burning yourself. Because of the low power it is much less of a drain on the leisure battery making the charge last much longer.  These are Natural, warm, white.  .  Specification Base Connector: MR11 Beam Angle: 45 Degrees Power: 3W CE and RoHS Certified Yes Voltage: 12V Dimensions: 35.50mm X H44mm Average Life in Hours: 50000 Halogen Equivalent: 35W Lumens light output: 180-220 .