Grounded Upcycled Roll Matt


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Groundsheets are the perfect fabric for the Retribe Clothing roll matts. Add the deadstock high pile fleece on to make a great little take anywhere matt. Out on the hill? need a rest? just unroll this and sit that behind down for 5! Been for a swim? need to dry your toes? use this for a water resistant fluffy foot polisher! We have another little secret up our sleeves, we needed to make this more durable and water resistant, more than what just the ground sheet would offer. So we had these thick plastic inner tubes from and inflatable tent, cut them up and sew them as a middle water resistant layer- genius if we do say so ourselves. The matt is 30x40cm, made up of three layers, the soft high pile black fleece, the middle plastic inner and the groundsheet bottom. It can then be folded and clipped together, tucked away for another adventure. Remade in Sheffield, UK. Please allow 14 days for your product to be produced, Retribe Clothing make everything to order in their Sheffield Factory. An important bit about all our products: Retribe Clothing’s fabrics are recycled from product that would have gone to landfill, they are not perfect, which is part of their charm. You may see small areas of damage, colour fading and random seams across a product, these are the battle scars of its past life. No ones perfect so why should your product be? Embrace it! Just know you have saved something from waste and enjoy those endorphins, YOU ARE AWESOME.