Fyrestorm PCS Backpacking Gas Stove


The Fyrestorm® PCS offers backpackers and trekkers an all-in-one Personal Cooking System; combining the stove, cooking pot, sleeve and lid plus the capacity to store the gas cartridge (sold separately) in one compact unit. Manufactured with the innovative Coleman® Wind Block™ system and HyperFlame® down-step burner, this stove provides superior cooking performance even in extreme wind conditions, rapidly heating food and drinks in the integrated pot. Featuring Piezo ignition for easy match-free lighting and a low burner height combined with a long braided steel hose allows the cartridge and body of the stove to be positioned independently and minimizing the possibility of spillages. The cooking pot has a clip on lid and is surrounded by an insulating neoprene sleeve with handle. Containing 1.3 litres of fluid, the generously sized pot converts into a carrying case for the stove and a Coleman® C300 cartridge (sold separately). Power: 2200 Watts Gas consumption: 158 g/h Boiling time: boils water in under 5 minutes Lightweight and compact: stove weighs 261 g, pot and lid weigh 225 g Fuel source: Coleman® Xtreme Gas and Coleman® Performance Gas Runtime: approximately 123 minutes Included in delivery: extra long flexible metal hose to allow flexible positioning of the cartridge, protection cloth from 100% cotton Piezo ignition – for easy match-free lighting Wind Block™ – offers 360° wind protection from your flame, for superior cooking performance under wind