Fibreglass Toilet Tent


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The OLPRO Fibreglass Toilet Tent offers a discreet and comfortable space for all of your outdoor restroom needs. Wether you’re looking for an outdoor changing area, shower a place to dry your clothing or to use as a restroom, this Fibreglass Toilet Tent has you covered. Constructed from high-quality fibreglass poles and premium-grade polyester fabric, this Toilet Tent is built to withstand the elements, ensuring relability and longevity in any environment. This Toilet Tent offers ample room for maneuvering and ensures privacy during use. Whether you’re camping, attending festivals, or enjoying beach outings, this Tent is a comfortable and discreet restroom solution/changing area for individuals and families. Setting up is quick and effortless – simply assemble the lightweight fibreglass poles, clip the poles to the flysheet, peg down the four corners and and peg out your guy ropes for added stability. You can also roll the front door up to open up the tent. Key features of the Fibreglass Toilet Tent: Lightweight Easy to assemble Dimensions/Specifications: Assebled – H225 x W120 x L120cm Pack size – 50 x 11x 11cm Weight – 2.1kg Made from/with: Fabric – Polyester