Dub Scrub Shampoo Wash – 1 Litre


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OLPRO Dub Scrub Shampoo is a concentrated, multipurpose cleaner perfect for quick, year-round maintenance of a variety of vehicles. OLPRO Dub Scrub Shampoo is highly effective at cutting through all types of dirt and grime, leaving a spotless, streak free finish. It can be used to clean paintwork, plastics, metals, rubber, acrylics, fibreglass, wheels, windows as well as many other steel & alloy parts. OLPRO Dub Scrub Shampoo provides a water repellent finish for ongoing protection and easy rinsing. Simply add the relevant dosage, to a bucket followed by hot water to agitate the liquid. Using an appropriate cleaning cloth or sponge apply the mixture generously to your vehicle. With a 1 litre bottle of OLPRO Dub Scrub you will get approximately 25 washes.