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Description Compact aerosol factory sealed BC Dry Powder fire extinguishers designed for use in vehicles, home, office and for where space is at a premium. Suitable for B and C class fires caused by: petrol (leaded or unleaded), diesel, oil, gas, paints, solvents, greases, also fires involving electrical equipment, and gaseous fires. . Specification  Model: Alpha 600Capacity: 0.60kgTotal Weight: 0.76kgTotal Height: 281mmTotal Width: 94mmWorking Temp.: -20 to +60ºCDischarge Time: 6 secsDischarge Range: 2-3mCyl. Test Pressure: 18 bar BSI certified to BS 6165:2002 and Kitemarked ? marked. European Aerosol Directive 1975Warranty: Manufacturer’s 5 year warrantyEasy low cost maintenanceSuitable for: B and C Fire classificationsSafe for use on: Electrical equipmentMaterial: Aluminium lightweight bodyFactory Sealed: Stored pressureControlled discharge & easy to operateAlpha – Supplied with durable plastic (Polypropylene) bracket  .