Blue Compact Vision Windbreak


The OLPRO Compact Vision Windbreak is the ideal outdoor accessory for those who are looking for that little bit of extra privacy or protection from the elements whether you’re camping, picnicking, or simply relaxing at the beach. The Compact Vision Windbreak consists of three polyester panels with a PVC window on each panel. The Windbreak comes with 4 steel poles that each break down into 3 segments. To construct, simply clip together the segments and slide into the windbreak pole sleeves, before guy roping each pole point into the ground. The windbreak is designed to be compact and lightweight, making it incredibly easy to carry and set up wherever your adventures take you. Its portability ensures that you can enjoy a peaceful retreat anytime, anywhere. Features of the Compact Vision Windbreak are: Steel poles Pegs Bright guy lines Storage carry bag * Please note: These Windbreaks do not need to be hammered into the ground like wooden pole windbreaks. The plastic spikes only need to be pushed into the ground by hand and the guy lines provided will keep the Windbreak upright.Any damaged caused by doing this is not covered by our warranty.*