Looking for cheap motorhomes or campervans? Motorhomes can be fantastic tools and lifelong purchases. They offer a degree of comfort and usability that far outweighs the initial price.  If it is a cheap motorhome you are after, check the pull-down menu further down which allows you to sort by price.

In the US and Canada, motorhomes are more commonly known as RVs (recreational Vehicles). There are a huge amount of RVs cheap at auction and we list the most current here.

Motorhome and RV brands

Don’t restrict yourself to a certain brand as this really narrows down your choices.  You will be pleasantly surprised by what some of the lesser-known brands have on offer.

Many of our visitors watch the auctions “ending soonest” so that they can put in that all-important last minute bid!

Check back regularly as this is a live list and is updated every minute. You can refresh this page in your browser to see the current auction status.

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