Camping & Caravanning club wifi access price change

At last, the Camping and caravanning club have announced a change to the pricing structure of its Wi-Fi access.  This will take effect for the 2010 season and will consist of 2 tariffs:

  1. One hour’s metered access for £5.00.  This allows the user to logon to the service for 60 minutes use and allows up to one month before this expires.  The access session is rounded up to the nearest 5 minutes.
  2. A 12GB Membership Access Voucher which costs £42.00.  Currently this can be used across all sites which have the service (96 at time of writing) and you get a full 12 months before the voucher expires.  12GB in real-world terms allows you to send approximately 1000 emails or light surfing of the internet for about 80 to 110 hours each month.

Wifi vouchers are called ‘passes’ and can be bought when making a booking or on site.

CamperAuctions comment:

We would like to see the price drop for this as it is still a bit high, but when a ‘Dongle’ is the only other method (and this can be hit-and-miss in some fields we have been to) the service does appeal.

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